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Our Story

Byron Bay Nutrition

Our Philiosophy

Here at Byron Bay Nutrition, we are passionate about educating and empowering individuals to take control of their health and create long-term, sustainable change.
We focus on holistic nutritional medicine that works with your specific needs to ensure your body gets a true nutritional balance on every level. 

With a combination of qualified nutritionists, healthy products, educating workshops and specialist in varied complementary medicines, we can assist you to find the best path for your body’s well-being. 

Our Mission

Self Empowering
Cruelty Free
Locally sourced




Nutritional Medicine Practitioner 

Growing up on a farm surrounding Byron Bay. Grace had access to the unrefined abundance of the earth, Grace developed an interest in natural and holistic health as the key to a healthy lifestyle. In many ways, this understanding seemed obvious and clear to her, but she quickly came to realise that while she could pick her own fruits and nuts from trees and bushes in her own backyard, not everyone has that luxury.

With this in mind, she focused her education and career on specialising in nutrition and herbal medicine and subsequently gained a degree in Nutritional Medicine from Southern Cross University. Within her degree, she studied a wide range of health domains, from Chemistry to Counselling as well as Food Science, Medicinal Plants and Herbal Medicine, among others. With this completed, she gained a strong base on which to build her career and she later became a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner. Her membership guarantees she is a qualified practitioner with her own insurance, so all her clients can be assured they are in safe hands under a nutritionist with all the relevant tools. Following her undergrad she is also completing postgraduate studies in Public Health with a focus on international nutrition, sustainability and biodiversity at Griffith University. 

The basic tenet of Grace's practice is to work holistically, with a laidback approach with her clients. She fully appreciates the importance of understanding each individual's unique nutritional requirements as well as their lifestyle and overall health, bringing everything together to create a full picture of the an individual and their needs. Using this information, she then tailors her advice to ensure all goals are realistic and suitable for the client. 

Grace's passion is problem-solving within the healthy lifestyle context - finding answers and solutions to health concerns while enabling a balance to maintain optimal wellbeing within each person she assists. She diligently uses evidence-based knowledge and modern techniques to ensure the efficacy of her work. 

Grace is compelled to help improve the lives of others and she lives and works in accordance with this foundational aim, which is also fundamental to the aims of Byron Bay Nutrition, health conscious about nature's medicine.

Provider number: Complementary Medicine Association  2706

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