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Australian Certified Organic
Australian Made
100% pure frankincense

Frankincense has a delicately sweet, resinous scent with woody undertones. It has anti-inflammatory properties, effectively treating joint pain and arthritis, and rejuvenates the skin treating acne, bacterial and fungal infections, healing scars and wounds. Additionally, Frankincense alleviates anxiety and depression.


Reduce inflammation and pain.
Repairs skin (including balance of oily skin).
Reduce stree and anxiety while promoting sleep.
Supports immune function.
Benefit for oral health.
Natural disinfected.


How to use:
Can be used for massage,
bath, steam inhalation and on your pillow. 1-3 drops.

Frankincence is potent, not recommended for ingestion unless consulted wth a professional health practtioner.


Frankincense Certified Organic Oil 10ML Mt.Retour

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