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With so many health products available, it can be hard to know which is right for you, so ask our nutritionists for assistance with personalised product recommendations. Also check out our range of Practitioner recommended products here.

Product Recommendations


Remove reactive foods from your diet and begin to feel better in just days.

A finger prick blood test for food antibodies (IgG1-4) that can be conveniently used in the clinic which will produce results within 40 minutes. 

It’s simple, safe, accurate and fast, and you don’t have to send off a sample and wait weeks to receive results from a testing laboratory.


Our qualified local nutritionists take an evidence-based approach and offer professional advice and structured meetings to help you design your own personal well-being programme. Through blood test interpretation, urine testing, and food diary analysis we can gain a clear picture of your current nutrients and vitamins balance. Face to face, Skype or via phone.




  • Herbal Healing

  • Fermentation Inspiration

  • Healthy School Snacks

  • Shop With a Nutritionist



  • Byron Bay

  • Yamba

  • Gold Coast

  • Brisbane



Understand medical plants for therapeutic purposes. Explore Western Herbal Medicine and see what, how and why certain plants can aid in preventing or curing illness and disease. During this workshop, we focus on common health issues and how they may be addressed with herbs.
Create your own organic herbal tea blends and natural face serums.

Contact here for bookings and further information

Discover the amazing health benefits and fun involved in the art of fermentation.
By adding the goodness of probiotics, millions of good bacteria’s, enzymes and minerals along with many more benefits to our everyday diet. This workshop is designed for beginners that give you the skills and foundations to take home and share with your loved ones and improve your overall health.


Contact here for bookings and further information

Tea Infusion
Family Cooking

Ever wondered what the labels on our food we purchase actually mean? During our shop with a nutritionist, we provide insight to which foods to avoid and which will benefit you in ways you may not of known.
Choose your local supermarket and you will meet with one of our qualified nutritionists for an hour walking through the aisles discussing what are the dos and don'ts of what to buy and why.

Click here for further information and bookings

Healthy, affordable, simple and delicious snacks that kids are sure to love. Throughout the workshop we learn a number of techniques and recipes that will give children the energy and focus they need to get through the day. 
We all know a fussy eater and I'm sure most of us have been guilty of getting a quick fix snack or lunch money for the kids.

Learn how to prepare nutritious meals that won't put you out of pocket.

Click here for further information and bookings.

In the Supermarket
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